Star answer£ºBucket wear How to avoid and solve problems

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    Star Engineering Machinery Factory sees friends consult the bucket easy...

    Star Engineering Machinery Factory sees friends consult the bucket easy to wear how to do, if often dig hard soil, earth mixed with soft, softer stone, gravel, gravel and other heavy-duty work load, it is recommended to choose the star of enhanced excavator bucket. Because this bucket inherits all the advantages of the standard bucket and greatly improved the strength and wear resistance.

    Here the star is said on how to reduce bucket wear.

    First, to be chosen according to the use of different objects of different types of fighting, this part is divided into many different models, they use different materials, different production processes for different mining objects, such as soft sand and hard granite applicable struggle is completely different. 
    Moreover, after using excavators to dig, we need in a timely manner to carry out maintenance and care of the bucket, because this area takes a long time to make contact with the material, it is easy because of some more water or corrosive materials the cause damage, especially fighting edge parts easier to wear, it should be carried out to improve day care.

    If the bucket edge after long use has become dull and effect is reduced, then the operator also needs to pay attention to in a timely manner to the bucket edge re-processing the entire bucket edge generally use specialized industrial grindstone resharpening Li Feng mouth.