Do not buy a bucket impatient need to consider carefully

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    Star reminds you want to buy a bucket of friends, do not hurry to buy a bu...

    Star reminds you want to buy a bucket of friends, do not hurry to buy a bucket, need careful consideration, think twice. Why do you say? Here come the stars to talk about.

    Hou Wentao engaged in coal mining business, eager to improve production efficiency, thus ignoring the brand of choice, initially without careful consideration on the purchase of a Korean brand excavators.

    In the future high-intensity conditions of use, many problems will emerge one. Such as a bucket, bucket teeth and other accessories Track wear faster, but high fuel consumption due to power and lead also increased the cost. Resulting in poor engine performance for risk are often unable to successfully complete the work. Reliability frequently enough so that temporary stoppage discontinued.



   After visiting, HouWenTao the excavator brands locked in a Caterpillar (Cat). 2013, Hou Wentao purchased two Cat excavators --Cat 336D excavators. Two years, Hou Wentao quarry has yet to purchase a table Cat 340D L excavator, 1 Cat 349D excavator, 1 336D2 excavators, excavator problems before the South Korean brand in Carter's body that are not reflected.

    Two years later, in 2013 purchased the first Taiwanese Hou Wentao Cat 336D excavator through after thousands of hours of hard work still "lively." "Now this car is also normal, no problems, hydraulics are intact, but also like-new condition."

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