Bucket maintenance work Caution

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    Usually when maintenance work on the bucket, you know what things to pay att...

    Usually when maintenance work on the bucket, you know what things to pay attention to it?



    Doudou dig holes appear on the boots, or boots bucket edge line is worn phenomenon, indicating that digging Doudou boots need to be replaced. Replace as follows:      Use Chuanzao tool and a hammer, knock out locking bolt, remove the bucket boots. Check the removed deadbolt and spring. Friction locking plug and powerful, spring, defective deadbolt, replaced with a new spring. Use the scraper to clean the surface of the bucket teeth, clear replaced with a new one. The spring into the recess on the side of the bucket teeth. The bucket bucket teeth embedded boots. The plug is inserted into the locking lever tooth cavities. With a hammer until the locking lever latch is locked. 
    Star reminder, check digging Doudou teeth, bucket teeth should be placed on a large block, fighting tooth replacement latches and side cutting board. Check whether the plug digging Doudou tooth wear and loose, because digging tooth Doudou addition to life outside of work hours related with the status of the operation is also closely related.

    Bucket operator attention, to be completely clean of sand attached to the screw, using acetylene cutting screw head, then do not remove the cutting board. Clean fixed surface, cutting edge when installing a new board to replace both the screw cap. Torque tighten the screw in accordance with regulations.