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    Usually such problems may exist in the bucket when handling operator, which ...

    Usually such problems may exist in the bucket when handling operator, which security risks exist usual practice? Today the stars to come and share with you.

    When a driver working in the swamps, flood and other soft ground, attention should first use bucket try to dig the ground is able to withstand the weight of the machine as a whole, the process must not forget. Specifically: First, try using a bucket and then at the same location do not stay long, straight line little more turn.
    Star found that many novice excavator there is a misunderstanding that the excavator boom to its highest, digging Doudou levers are fully open, the bucket in the air, line of sight will be better when this walk, in fact, this practice is very dangerous, because the work holding devices, so high center of gravity, slightly uneven ground would be overturned.

    Another point, urban construction and ultimately complex pipe network, excavators require special attention during the urban underground pipeline work, or Waduan ruptured pipeline is very dangerous. The pipeline is not necessarily all in the ground, some in heaven, many novice driver is easy to focus on digging into force bucket, while ignoring the digging Doudou rod cylinder when lifting the arm.

    Stars in this Friendly reminder, manipulate the bucket friends must be careful attention to avoid accidents.