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    Star heard recently oil prices, but in line with the concept of energy conse...

    Star heard recently oil prices, but in line with the concept of energy conservation, we still have to save oil. Today the star to teach you is how to operate the bucket can achieve fuel-efficient.

    The first point is to avoid doing the action invalid. Invalid action is absolutely no doubt cost of oil. To design a good under the circumstances the construction site construction methods, do not do the extra rotation, loading to try to borrow at the front, to the back door to avoid the rotating earth, the height of the excavator which to the right, do not let the soil bucket repeat hired dredged.



    Try to do 90 ¡ã excavation. 90 ¡ã excavator bucket means let's spend the maximum range of power, like by hand digging, digging only positive was the most effort. Doudou dug from the perspective of the distal stem 45 ¡ã to 30 ¡ã of the inside, because excavation depth slightly different, generally operating arm and bucket in this range should not be operated to the cylinder stroke end. 
    There is a detail you might usually do not pay attention, be trenching job, we all like to use the bucket excavation from the middle, but when first dug in the middle, always to run on both sides of the bucket from falling on top of things, much further dig a few cleanup. If it is a deep groove, try to dig segmented way, divided in the next three mining. Because if dug from low, increase the scope, the excavator power is reduced, then not only reduce work efficiency, it will waste a lot of oil.

    After reading the above operations bucket tips, we all learn it? For more information about the bucket, please visit the official website of stars£º