You look at the market with star£ºUsed excavator construction machinery market sales of hot pick

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    Near the footsteps of spring, the weather began to pick up, followed by warm...

    Near the footsteps of spring, the weather began to pick up, followed by warmer there downturn three years of engineering machinery market. Hefei second-hand excavator market is hot, as detailed below.

    With the clear policy of the country after two sessions held, as well as public-private partnerships in Anhui start PPP model projects, urban construction, water conservancy construction, transportation and other infrastructure construction projects have mushroomed to start, these construction machinery industry, good news of great pulling for construction machinery and equipment, especially the needs of the excavator, the customer is the first to feel the market to pick up and start gearing up, sharpening, hoping through the market in the east, to seize the investment opportunities, cashing in overflow.

    Market feedback from the spring term, the confidence of customers to invest a lot of growth compared with 2014, all of the three-year downturn in the construction machinery market to pick up confidence increased sharply, which is one of the main causes selling used excavators, single from the auction will be able to see, a lot of pre-paid customers could not beat the gold to the desired final auction equipment, especially in small dug two mobile phones, a candid basically empty.

    In addition, many participate in this auction will be used excavators customers and friends for multi-purpose excavator and more interested in supporting attachments. In addition to the country before and after the launch of "Super broken king, super king earthwork" excavator, and is now launched for drilling rigs used in mine conditions for pile driving demand for change of rotary drilling rig digging, digging change piling machine, suitable for municipal series of quick adapter, grasping wood, and so reinforce the attachment. According to customer feedback, said friends, excavators multipurpose devices are present and the future focus of the construction machinery market demand, but also the customers to earn more money to invest the necessary artifacts.
    There is a need excavator bucket friends can look stellar Oh!