Job Description excavator bucket on strengthening and maintenance

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    Reinforcement see there is a problem with the maintenance of many of my frie...

    Reinforcement see there is a problem with the maintenance of many of my friends, in consultation with the excavator bucket, today made a star of integration of these aspects, with a look at it! First, we say that the new excavator for reinforcement.

    Truck spring plate deposited in Satoko back and both sides of the leaf spring plate gap spacing, edge Satoko on both sides with a relatively coarse thread steel welding. Or from a bucket on both sides, from the edge of the bucket teeth to fight back, with double bridge vehicle axle reinforcement, then fight back with a double bridge or rail car plate steel reinforcement, fighting between the two root with axle reinforcement.

    Then talk about the maintenance work of the bucket
     Excavator bucket, excavator final working device, such as a direct result of soil, sand and gravel in contact with the workplace, it requires wear and impact resistance. Because the excavator bucket while wearing parts and general engineering excavator at an average of 8 years of use period consumes three to six bucket, so there is a wide range of accessories market.

    Due to the different workplaces and construction objects, the same excavator can configure a variety of buckets, but be sure to pay attention to matching the overall performance, such as to improve the efficiency of earthwork excavation in enhanced models can be replaced by Canadian rock bucket big bucket, but in order to adapt to the job at the regular models will rock hopper into the same volume of ordinary rock bucket will have to be careful, so as not to undermine the overall performance make the arm, boom caused by improper use of quality problems.

    To prolong the life of the bucket, in addition to ensure sufficient strength and stiffness and fatigue strength of the outer also wear high demand, usually fighting tooth designed to be removable in two parts, welded together with the body is called bucket tooth Block, you can replace them in the section known as bucket teeth. Tooth plate, side plate and the rock bucket edge curved reinforcing plate to use high-strength, wear and materials with good weldability.

    In addition, the periodic maintenance of used excavators aim is to reduce the machine's failure to extend the service life of the machine; the machine downtime; improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs excavators.