Graphic explains how to use the excavator bucket excavator and what maintenance work needs to be done

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    You really will use the excavator bucket excavator it? God can pass large ex...

    You really will use the excavator bucket excavator it? God can pass large excavators, new entrants white Come learn to take it! What are some tips backhoe bucket, usually, how should it be maintained?

    First, let's learn backhoe tips:
    When using the excavator digging, generally stick cylinder mainly to the boom cylinders, giving the angle of the bucket teeth should be based on the travel path of the arm to adjust, bucket teeth must be like chopping knife as "plug" buried rather than "beat" buried in.

    If it is along a soil while digging, soil and relatively hard, it is best to use only two or three teeth cut soil under the bucket, and then be dug up.

    When loading or other stress efficiency of operations, excavators must crowding each bucket after bucket lift, try to stop all the other actions, only individual efforts do cyclotron motion, this maneuver will be the fastest operating speed. Bucket is not level when digging rotation, but slightly open, so it will not because of inertia leaving the soil thrown from the back of the bucket when the dump, open fighting will be faster.

    When the dump, certainly not all of the action by opening the bucket poured the soil, but in the open bucket, while the use of recycled arm instantly thrown open and left the soil, so faster.
    Bucket of maintenance:
    1¡¢If you use the power generated by the bucket fall to impact operations, easy to make the bucket, equipment and rack excessive load, thus shortening the life of the machine. If using the power of falling rock work, the arm and the bucket will have a tremendous impact junction, leading to cracking.

    2¡¢If the use of rotational force to move large objects, bucket sidewall collision object when the frame cracks chance than normal use is much higher, the arm and the arm link the pressure is 25 times the normal job. So for machinery, this force will undoubtedly designed to withstand forces beyond the machine itself, it would seriously affect the machinery of life.

    3¡¢When performing the job, some people will use leverage to make the bucket leveraging object, it would be several times higher than the power of action of the oil pressure in the bucket teeth, bucket teeth and may cause tooth plate cracks, damaged.