Excavators use a common front-end device described is not the only bucket

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    Excavators believe we can often see it, it does not know if you have pre-equ...

    Excavators believe we can often see it, it does not know if you have pre-equipped with no attention? In most cases should all bucket, in fact, it is understood the front means there are about two dozen excavators, then these are for what works and design it? Here to introduce the seven most common front-end equipment.

    一、 Hammer: also known as hydraulic breaker, according to the tonnage excavators adaptation, how much excavator hammer, otherwise there will be big or small horse cart horse-drawn carts phenomenon, in digging machines and hammers are useless. In the South, also known hammer nozzle, it is mainly used to mine ore mining and concrete demolition, be careful not to empty during the operation to fight, otherwise it will destroy the hammer and piston seals.

    二、 Vibration ram: also known as a hydraulic ram or compaction device is adapted according to the tonnage excavators, excavators how much ram, mainly used for slope protection in recent years and there are high-speed railway construction slope, individual small excavator with ram for building a solid foundation, completely replace the artificial, greatly improving the efficiency, save construction costs, the construction of artificial insurmountable achieve results.

    三、 Quick Connectors: aka quick connector or quick adapter, this device is not used for construction, but specifically for switching hammer (or other equipment) and the bucket, domestic labor costs in recent years greatly improved, Party for the duration of the increasingly high demand, save time is to save costs, slowly being recognized and widely accepted by domestic customers after the quick connector from South Korea into China market, general skilled operator switching equipment will not take more than 30 seconds will switch is completed, while in the past you will need 40 to 60 minutes, but also two or more operations.

    四、 Ripper: aka ripper, this equipment is to be decided according to the size of the digging machine prices, the greater the wear resistant manganese steel excavators used thicker welding process requirements more stringent, regular manufacturers generally must require welding inspection equipment, in order to ensure factory quality, it is mainly used to wind fossil construction, stratified conditions relatively easy, bucket digging up hard, hammering broken up and a little relaxed waste, then use ripper will greatly improve the efficiency of construction, first with ripper the soil or wind fossil layers were separated, and then quickly switch connector loading bucket, not to party music flowering will not work!

    五、 Wood catch: also known as wood machine folder, which in turn sub-hydraulic grab grab wood and wood machinery, hydraulic grab grab wood and wood sub-hydraulic rotary and stationary grasping wood, wood grasping claws through to redesign and modifications can be used to catch the stone and scrap, the device a name to know what to use, and is mainly used to fetch wood and bamboo, very quick and easy loading and unloading trucks, it is not very popular in the domestic market, mainly used in the three northeastern provinces of winter logging and Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places to grab bamboo, individual customers retrofitted claws to grab chunks of stone and steel scrap, working conditions more! currently domestic ports to use it more!

    六、 Hydraulic Shear: vagrant hydraulic clamp, this equipment is mainly used in the demolition of buildings, efficiency is much higher than the hammer, the current domestic production of most of the quality is not very stable, it is recommended the use of imported equipment, but the service and parts costs are higher, if you demolition conditions more words, the proposed purchase, it is recommended that the use of low-breakers.

    七、Hydraulic rock drill: also known as drilling machines, mainly used in mine borehole construction, according to the excavator size adaptation, there is a whole machine and excavators modified points, lower conversion costs, diameter and depth of drilling depends directly on your tap Model, reportedly imported from Korea can reach 22 meters of the deepest, Germany can reach 55 meters, of course, prices are not cheap ah, a drill will need the million!