Stellar engineering science: Caterpillar 306 excavator digging Doudou comprehensive explanation capacity 0.22 m3

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    6 tons level small little digging digging the whole market to maintain the l...

    6 tons level small little digging digging the whole market to maintain the largest model, which is widely used in small earthwork construction, municipal construction, road repair, laying cables, water pipes, garden cultivation, brook eliminate silt cleanup and other projects, in addition with shovel outside bucket, you can also dress up the hammer, plate compactors, hydraulic tooling attachments hold folders, etc., the majority of users affectionately known little digging in the "fighter."

    Caterpillar 306 excavator at 305.5 improved models for the Japanese imported models, excellent configuration brings the same level of the most powerful excavator digging force and versatility.

    Caterpillar 306D excavator equipped with Mitsubishi's clean, low noise and high efficiency 4M40 large displacement engine, long service life, improved thermal efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, reduced engine vibration and noise, the engine meets EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage 2 emissions standards, while meeting in Beijing DB11 / 1-2003 and DB11 / 184-2003, GB17691 2001 Chinese national standards and national environmental standards Association of Korea, the standard glow plug provides reliable engine at a lower temperature start-up performance, even if air conditioning is in working condition, temperature configure operational capability is still reliable.

    Hydraulic system
    Developed by Caterpillar's own production of high efficiency hydraulic system improves handling and reliability, while lowering the cost. The hydraulic system is an open system, there are two main pumps and a control independent third pump rotation. When the work equipment control lever handle and walking in the middle position, the two variables main pump flow control system allows the pump flow to a minimum. This will reduce fuel consumption, reduce system noise and extend the life of hydraulic components. Optional ancillary hydraulic piping work the machine can install a variety of means, such as hydraulic hammers, augers, shears and breakers.

    Steel tracks
    Caterpillar 306D excavator chassis has superior stability and reliability. 400 mm wide tridentate crawler is a standard machine configuration. Stable chassis make the machine have a greater ability to lift heavy objects. Two-speed travel motors and robust track drive system allows the chassis in a variety of different conditions have good climbing ability and turning ability. Easy separate track links and lubricated track wheel can reduce the daily use and maintenance costs. When lifting heavy machine side, the steel tracks provide excellent stability.

    Rubber gaskets
    400mm wide steel track three teeth each piece has four rubber pads for mounting holes. After selecting the installation crawler rubber pad, you can prevent iron caterpillar damage during travel on the road surface, reducing noise and vibration.

    Backfill blade, ground leveling, landscaping work, lifting heavy objects and the process of cleaning up the construction site has an important role. Large capacity blade provides good stability, Carter's unique dozer float function makes it easier to level ground. At the same blade also allows the machine digging and loading and unloading more stable on the slopes.

    Boom and Sticks
    Front-end structure using a high-strength steel, can provide the greatest mining capabilities. All are using chrome-plated pin connector at the front of the mechanism, which can effectively prevent rust and making noises, prolong the life of parts. Pin as much as possible the use of large diameter to accommodate the mining process at high intensity shear and side loads. Such a pin and bushing requires very little maintenance to reduce the friction pin, extend lubrication intervals.

    Caterpillar 306 excavator standard configuration is as follows:
    Boom, standard stick, bucket (bucket capacity of 0.22 m3,766 mm wide, 5 bucket teeth), bucket side edge;
    Radial seal air filter, fuel line water separator, the auxiliary hydraulic valves (2), two-speed travel valve;
    Air conditioning, lights, Toolbox (1), Carter single-key systems, door locks, fuel tank cover lock, speakers, the boom of anti-drift valve, swing brake;
    Counterweight (510 kg), Carter maintenance-free battery, open cab front window, front window wiper and washing liquid, a small window at the bottom of the movable cab;
    Cab dome light, cup holder, information kits, ashtrays, radio bracket, dual stereo and antenna, washable carpet, Chronograph;
    And a suspension seat with headrest, 50mm wide belt, with a floating function of shoveling, off shelves traction mechanism, track shoe (400 mm wide);
    Rubber mat with mounting screw hole of tridentate track shoe, electric fuel priming pump can be mounted GPS;

¡¡  With the support of infrastructure development as well as national policies, all regions of the country has entered a peak period traffic building, which also spawned a mini excavator direct selling.