stars teach you how to avoid scraping off paint bucket tail

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    Equipment in use, carefully careful care would be good to extend its service...

    Equipment in use, carefully careful care would be good to extend its service life, the bucket too. Inevitably, the bucket during use, there will be a careless paint chips, scratches and other phenomena, then how can we avoid it?



    Star learned that most of the bucket will have varying degrees of scratching the case, many users did not agree to it as a normal phenomenon, in fact, this is wrong. 
    Driver's rear-view mirror should cultivate good habits, regard it as our third glasses from around the rearview mirror can be seen from the side and back can not see. Driver rotation, not necessarily grasp, we must look at the rearview mirror.

    Bucket scraping the tail appeared, mostly caused by the rotation of the time, so in addition to watching the rearview mirror, the driver of the swivel radius to understand, leaving the job right distance, can be very good to avoid scratching.

    In addition, the working environment is very important. To observe the driver and clean up in advance, will be put up within a radius of rotation of the track shoe all obstacles swinger.

    Bucket care of their friends quickly in accordance with the above method to try it!