Star Share£ºModern R350LC-9V excavator digging Doudou capacity and performance specifications

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    Star Engineering Machinery Factory brought to you today is that modern ...

    Star Engineering Machinery Factory brought to you today is that modern R350LC-9V excavator bucket bucket bucket capacity and performance specifications described. Follow bucket dynamic friends do not miss it!



    R350LC-9V whole operation quality 33t, standard bucket capacity of 1.6m3, engine rated power up to 206kW.

¡¡¡¡Bigger bucket capacity

    R350LC-9V standard heavy-duty rock bucket, bucket capacity of 1.6m3, technology and dual optimum material, the bucket minimize wear, service life more than 2 times, and further improve durability. 

¡¡¡¡High strength heavy duty large, and strengthening of the lower support arm 
¡¡¡¡R350LC-9V install better durability overloaded big, forearm, using steel materials improve strength, thereby improving the durability life of 1.5 times. Front and rear side plates arm support and increase the reinforcing plate welding parts, arm rear wear plates installed to improve the wear resistance, reducing bucket shaking. Lower support ring thickness reinforced frame welding strength increased by 20%.

    Enhanced bucket

¡¡¡¡R350LC-9V comes standard with a reinforced bucket, bucket reduced width, length increase, reducing digging force. Side edge, lip, side, strengthening technical and material optimization bottom plate, so that the bucket minimize wear. Strengthening change form the bottom plate welding, fillet prevent wear and improve quality. The bottom end of the portion of the ear plate welding shape optimization, dispersion welding stress, improve durability.