Amphibious excavator: walking on land need bucket auxiliary

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    Have you seen the launching of the excavator can it? Today the stars come wi...

    Have you seen the launching of the excavator can it? Today the stars come with your eyes.

    Amphibious excavator is a suitable land, swamp soft ground and shallow water operations multipurpose excavator. Mainly used in coastal and lake silt more areas. Amphibious excavator is relatively rare in the country, employing less. Some companies will be mainly dry land excavator converted. Because fewer amphibious excavator driver, excavator driver compared to dry land, wages are relatively substantial.

    Amphibious excavator undercarriage is using the catamaran pontoon structure track frame and seal the box-shaped track shoe, guaranteed to cruising on water safety. Because water and land excavator pontoon height restrictions, not more than two meters of water depth can be construction, if the water is too deep, water and land mining opportunities floating in the water cause the bucket does not work.

    So amphibious excavator excavator and Dryland What is the difference?
    Popular terms, relying on its special amphibious excavator undercarriage, in coastal areas, lakes, marshes mud work, you can float on the water. The main operations include underwater Kaiqu, cleaning up rivers, ponds dredging. In addition to the large chain dig water, caterpillar to a hollow steel outer other dryland excavators are the same. But on land, water and land excavator difficulty walking, mostly rely on bucket auxiliary.
    Amphibious excavator working device to strengthen the long and the special structure of the pin connectors, as well as efficient rotating mechanism, improve job quality and production efficiency. Beautiful shape, spacious and fully equipped cab and concise sound and light alarm systems, reduce fatigue for a long time job, improved steering comfort. A perfect match for the advanced hydraulic system and engine can achieve composite action, and to ensure the efficient and reliable operation and high economy while achieving.

    Select amphibious excavator
    If you are at the beach or the Salt Lake amphibious excavator job, then be sure to choose a stiffened type. Normal operation in shallow water area can be. Ship enhanced than the thickness of 2mm thick lining 4mm, so the overall strength of the much larger, enhanced multi-use Lincoln Panasonic wire, ordinary type of cost factors only because the price of an ordinary small factory producing inexpensive wire.

     Amphibious excavator Classification
    Amphibious excavator pontoon structure is divided according to the different style and pontoon. Pontoon is extended after the original car caterpillar walking side plug pontoon bracket, this cost is relatively low, but the chassis is not sealed, long-term use of severe corrosion, post maintenance spend a lot of money, as well as rollers and track link wear worse. Early abroad are converted to this structure, it is now rare.

    Later, in the 1990s, Hitachi launched pontoon, but no mass production. Domestic pontoon and more generally for four chains, mostly foreign chain six plus two support points, because many foreign countries do caterpillar U-shaped steel plates. Such strong as domestic support within plus trapezoidal rib plate with two support points so again, there is a round of the lower plate screws.

    Job amphibious excavator Notes
    Although amphibious excavator can work in the water, but there are strict requirements for depth, when the depth exceeds the operating range, mining opportunities floating on the water does not work, then easily lead to careless operation of a vehicle body tilt, tip over.
    Amphibious excavator to do the usual maintenance, because of the special nature of the work, once the situation at work, compared to dry land for the excavator will be more difficult to handle. Do routine maintenance and maintenance can save a lot of effort in their work.

    Come on amphibious excavator is concerned is a particularly important thing, because of this, amphibious excavators are generally set up large fuel tanks to prevent fuel tank burnin 'status appear at work. Work should pay attention to check the tank. In addition, when the excavator, pay attention not dug steel caterpillar walking, causing hull damage.