Star Engineering Machinery Factory excavator bucket for you to explain the different types and models

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    Excavator bucket looks in addition to different colors, it seems all the sam...

    Excavator bucket looks in addition to different colors, it seems all the same, it is not. There are many types of excavators and model, following on to explain in detail about it with you.
    Bucket into original bucket, standard bucket, strengthen bucket, rock bucket, fencing bucket, trapezoidal bucket, ditch bucket, ripper bucket categories.

Excavator bucket according to the model is divided into:
Caterpillar CAT excavator bucket, bucket CAT305.5 models Carter, Carter CAT306 bucket, bucket CAT307 Carter, Carter CAT312 bucket, the bucket 315 Carter, Carter E200B bucket, bucket type CAT320BC Carter, Carter CAT320D dig fight, Carter CAT325BC bucket, bucket CAT330 Carter, Carter 330, Carter CAT345, Carter CAT350, Carter CAT329D, Carter CAT336 bucket.

Komatsu Komatsu PC55 into the bucket, Komatsu PC56, Komatsu PC60-7, Komatsu PC110, Komatsu PC130, Komatsu PC200, Komatsu PC210, Komatsu PC220, Komatsu PC270, Komatsu PC300, Komatsu PC360, Komatsu PC400.

Hitachi excavator bucket models ZAXIS 55, ZAXIS 60, ZAXIS 70, ZAXIS120, ZAXIS130, ZAXIS200, ZAXIS210 ZAXIS230, Hitachi ZAXIS240, ZAXIS250, Hitachi ZASIS270, ZAXIS330, ZAXIS360, ZAXIS450, ZAXIS470.

Modern excavator bucket, Daewoo excavator bucket, Trinity excavator bucket, Doosan excavator bucket, JCB excavator bucket, Kato excavator bucket, Sumitomo excavator bucket, Kobelco excavator bucket, Liebherr excavator bucket, Volvo excavator bucket, Ishikawajima excavator bucket, JCB excavator bucket, bucket of Friends mountain public, temporary workers excavator bucket, Long working excavator bucket.