Star Engineering Machinery Factory bucket explain the reasons for failure and repair methods

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    Bucket fault causes:    1¡¢Right PPC valve arm passage bl...

    Bucket fault causes:
    1¡¢Right PPC valve arm passage blockage.

    2¡¢Bucket control valve spool wear.
    3¡¢Bucket regeneration valve damage compensation.
    4¡¢Carter digging machine bucket suction spool valve spool jammed or wear, or the bucket valve and suction valve seal is damaged.
    5¡¢LS shuttle valve spare valve failure.
    6¡¢Bucket oil plug, oil is not smooth.

    Fault repair methods:
    1¡¢Bucket joystick position, PPC output pressure of 0; bucket excavation or unloading, PPC output pressure 2.9mpa.
    2¡¢Check the digging machine in the bucket control valve spool no wear, bucket valve and suction valve spool without catching seals also undamaged.
    3¡¢Check the spare valve control valve LS shuttle valve is working properly.
    4¡¢Close digging machine engine, the engine at high idle speed operation bucket excavation operation, the measured amount of oil overflow digging bucket cylinder of 15cc / min, and the provisions of 20cc / min low fault repair measures: clean up the dirt, dredge bucket digging machine oil passage