How should excavator bucket maintenance£¿Do not let maintenance became hurt excavator bucket maintenance Misunderstanding

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    Excavator bucket operation is not difficult, but the bucket of maintenance has pl...

    Excavator bucket operation is not difficult, but the bucket of maintenance has plagued a lot of people, the periodic maintenance of the excavator digging machine aimed at reducing the failure to extend the service life of the excavator. But in the actual maintenance process, from the hand of the excavator is not in line maintenance, maintenance often became a "damage." Today, small series for everyone to take stock of what those "harm" approach excavator, with a look!

    1¡¢Improper machine start to cause serious damage to winter, some drivers to be able to start the engine quickly, often with a dry start (first start, after adding cooling water) to start a non-normal method. This approach would cause serious damage to the machine, it should be prohibited. Preheat the correct method is: first on the tank insulation quilt, play an open valve, continuously injected into the tank of clean water softener 60-70 ¡æ, touch the drain valve out of the water there is hot feeling, and then close the drain valve, poured into clean water softener to the water tank 90-100 ¡æ and crank crank, so that all moving parts are properly lubricated in advance, and then re-start.

    2¡¢Random selection of fuel to reduce engine life, so that damage increased risk of low temperature in winter so that fluidity of diesel fuel, increased viscosity, easy diffuser, resulting in poor atomization, combustion endless, resulting in dynamic and economic performance of the diesel engine is lowered. It should be used in winter, low pour point and good combustion properties of light diesel oil. General requirements for diesel pour point should be lower than the local minimum temperature of the current season 7-10 ¡æ.

    3¡¢Pay attention to the body to reduce the working life of the insulation, damage the engine low winter temperatures, easy to make diesel engine cooling too much. Therefore, insulation is key to good use of diesel engines in winter. In the northern region, it should be equipped with diesel engines for use in winter and heat insulation sleeve cold screens and other equipment.

    4¡¢Baking pan with heavy fire is burning machines, ranging from machine wear so as not to aggravate the oil sump deterioration, or even burned, lubricating properties to reduce or completely lost, exacerbating machine wear. Winter low pour point oil should be used, to be used outside the machine warmed water bath method to improve the oil temperature at startup.

    5¡¢Low load operation cause severe wear diesel boot the machine after the fire, some drivers can not wait to immediately put load operation. Fire near diesel, because the body temperature is low, oil viscosity, oil is not easy filling friction surface deputy campaign, it will cause severe wear machine. In addition, the plunger spring, valve springs and injector spring due to the "cold brittleness" is also easy to break.