Bucket abnormal operation and exception code Description

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    Star learned bucket vulnerability in many cases is due to the improper opera...

    Star learned bucket vulnerability in many cases is due to the improper operation of the operator, the following will take a look and see if you have made these mistakes.

    When the excavator operation, there are many drivers accustomed to shift side to side of the machine at high speed dash to the inertia of the heap material, natural deceleration, then hang the bucket shovel transport materials. Use with the inertia of the machine being rushed to stockpile cause severe shock uneven force components of the entire body great harm.




   It will generally cause the bucket, boom, front frame and other deformation, cracks; transmission, clutch because suddenly force, torque increases, friction slippery and distorted; the transmission parts are easily damaged. 

    The correct action excavator bucket before shipping the gear lever into low gear to gear speed ¢ò positive towards the windrow, in order to block ¢ñ insert stockpile slow and gradually increase the throttle loading shovel.

    Finally, with all the stars to popularize the bucket on thirty-one abnormal code, if not understand, then quickly look at it!

    22£ºBucket excavation pilot exception 
    23£ºBucket unloading pilot exception 
    24£ºBucket digging stick abnormal pilot 
    25£ºUnloading guide rod digging Doudou abnormal