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    Excavator driver are at operating the excavator and the bucket, because of t...

    Excavator driver are at operating the excavator and the bucket, because of their improper operation may increase the amount of work and the excavator bucket cause unnecessary harm, then operating the excavator bucket what skills and what precautions it? Stellar Construction Machinery below to take you to find out.



    1¡¢Operation Technology

    First to confirm the situation around. When the rotation job, around obstacles, terrain to be aware of safe operation; the job, make sure the front and rear direction of the track, to avoid tipping or impact; try not to make the final drive face excavation direction, otherwise easy to damage the walk motor or hoses; the job, to ensure full contact with the ground about the crawler, improve the dynamic stability of the machine.

    2¡¢Effective mining methods

    When the link between the lever and the bucket, arm cylinder and the arm each 90 degrees, the maximum digging force; when digging tooth Doudou and the ground to maintain a 30 degree angle, the best cut in the soil digging force of least resistance; with bucket lever tap, should ensure that the arm angle in the range between 30 degrees angle of 45 degrees from the front to the back. Using both the boom and the bucket, can improve mining efficiency.

    3¡¢Mining Rock

    Use the bucket digging rocks would cause greater damage to the machine, shall be avoided; when you have to tap, should be based on the direction of the crack rock to adjust the body's position, the bucket shovel into a smooth, mining; insert the bucket teeth crevices in mining (bucket should carefully slip teeth) with arm and bucket digging force; not fractured rock, should be broken and then use the bucket digging.

    4¡¢It is noteworthy that the operation

    Hydraulic cylinder with internal buffer means capable of gradually releasing the back pressure in the near end of the stroke; if subjected to impact load after reaching end of stroke, the piston will directly hit the cylinder head or cylinder bottom, likely to cause an accident, so the trip should be to try to end leave a clearance.

    Use rotary operation of dozing will cause abnormal stress bucket and the working device, causing distortion or weld cracking, even pin broken, you should try to avoid such action.

    The use of the body weight of the excavation will cause slewing ring is not normal stress state, while the chassis will produce a strong vibration and shock, so the application of hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic lines facilitate greater damage.

    When rocks and other heavy material handling, truck bed should be close to the bottom of the discharge, or to load soil, then loaded rock, prohibit aerial unloading to reduce impact damage to the truck.

    Track deeper into the mud when the underlying at the bottom of the bucket a piece of wood, use a bucket of support from the tracks, then mat board at tracks, pulled out of the machine.

    5¡¢Slope leveling job

    Planar trimming machine should be flat on the ground, preventing the body shaking, motor coordination to grasp the boom and arm, and controls the speed of both is essential to the plane trimmed.

    6¡¢Soft zone or water jobs

    When soft soil with job, they should understand the real extent of the soil loose and be taken to limit the digging bucket range, to prevent landslides, landslides and other incidents as well as the body deep subsidence.

   When operating in the water, the body should pay attention to the allowable depth range (the water should be at the center of care sprocket or less); if the water level is high, slewing ring will cause water to enter the internal cause poor lubrication, engine fan blades hit by water leads to fold damage, electrical circuit components due to water intrusion short circuit or open circuit.

    7¡¢Smooth operation method

    When the job stability of the machine can not only improve efficiency, extend the life of the machine, but also to ensure safe operation (the machine on a relatively flat ground); the drive sprocket on the rear side is better than the stability of the front side, and to prevent final drive subjected to external impact; crawler wheelbase on the ground is always greater than the tread, so forward work stability, to avoid lateral operation; to keep digging point close to the machine, in order to improve the stability and diggers ; if mining point away from the machine, causing the center of gravity forward because the job is unstable; lateral digging excavation stability than the positive difference, if the mining center point away from the body, the machine will be more stable, and therefore the center tap point and the body should maintain appropriate the distance to make balancing operations efficient.

    8¡¢Lifting operations

    Acting hydraulic excavator lifting operation proceeds, should confirm the lifting around Live, using high-strength hook and wire rope hoists, to try to use the special hoisting hoisting apparatus; practices should select micro mode of operation, action to slow balance; sling appropriate length, too long it will swing hanging objects large and difficult to precisely control; to properly adjust the position of the bucket, in order to prevent slippage of steel cord; construction workers try not to close to lifting objects, in order to prevent the risk of improper operation occurs.

    9¡¢Loading operation

    The body should be in a horizontal stable position, otherwise it is difficult to accurately control the rotary unloading, thereby extending the operating cycle time; the body and the truck to maintain an appropriate distance, to prevent doing 180 degree rotation when the body and tail of the truck collide; try to be mounted on the left rotating, so do unobscured, high working efficiency, and to correctly grasp the rotation angle, in order to reduce the time for rotation; truck excavator lower than the position I'm in order to shorten the boom lifting time, and the line of sight is good; the first load of sand, gravel, then place large rocks, thus reducing the impact on the wagons.

    10¡¢Proper track operation

    When the excavator, working equipment should be put away and close to the center of the body, in order to maintain stability; the final drive on the back to protect the final drive. To avoid possible obstructions such as passing stumps and rocks to prevent the crawler distortion; if you must pass through an obstacle, an obstacle should ensure the track center.

    Crossing the mound, always prop chassis with a working device, in order to prevent violent shaking or tilting the body. Should avoid prolonged idling stop on the steep slopes of the engine, otherwise they will change the angle of the oil level and lead to poor lubrication.

    Machine to walk long distances, will make final drive rollers and internal rotation to produce high temperature for a long time, oil viscosity decreases and poor lubrication, and therefore should always stop to cool down, to extend the life of the lower body. Ban travel by the driving force of excavation work performed, otherwise an excessive load will lead to early final drive, track and other off parts wear or damage.

    When walking uphill, you should drive wheels in the post, in order to increase the adhesion of the crawler touchdown. When walking downhill, should drive wheels in front, the upper caterpillar taut to prevent the stopping of the vehicle body slip forward under the force of gravity and cause danger. When walking on the ramp, equipment should be placed in front to ensure the safety, parking, gently put the bucket into the ground, and the stopper in the decentralization of the track. When walking the steep turn, it should slow down, turn left, turn left back when the crawler, turning the right caterpillar turn right back, which can reduce the risk of turning pro on the slopes when.

    11¡¢Correct crushing

    It must first be broken hammer on vertical objects. At the start of crushing operations, lift the front of the vehicle about 125px, crushing, crushing head to have been pressed on the broken material, not broken thing has been broken should cease operation immediately after the break.

    When broken, the vibration hammer will gradually change direction, it should be ready to adjust the bucket cylinder, so that the hammer perpendicular to the broken surfaces.

    When the hammer hit into detritus, broken position should change; in what place sustained broken not more than one minute, otherwise it will damage not only the hammer, and the oil temperature rises abnormally; for hard objects, should be gradually broken edge .

    Non-rotating side edge crushing hammer is inserted after twisting, horizontal or upward hydraulic hammer and a chisel used when the hydraulic hammer.