Three years of tinkering and strengthening those things excavator bucket

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    Excavator bucket work using the most widely used means of the terminal, but ...

    Excavator bucket work using the most widely used means of the terminal, but also bear the load excavator working parts in the largest excavation job, an excavator in an average of 8 years of life you want to spend 4-5 bucket, so excavator bucket are consumable parts, especially in the stonework construction environment, bucket wear very fast. In the bucket wear to a certain extent, timely reinforcement of the bucket, can effectively increase its service life. But Xiao Bian observed, the bucket excavator reinforced this problem most users there are blind spots, often just random bunch of various steel welded up, everyone knows, this blind in terms of strengthening the bucket for excavator itself is greater than the disadvantages Lee, the reinforcement of the bucket or to grasp the scientific method of reinforcement. Here, we take a bucket chat strengthening those things.

    Tinkering for another three years
    Reinforcement excavator bucket caution blind operation more harm than good
    Excavators most users agree that the more heavy excavator bucket more robust longer life, so encountered the bucket needs reinforcement when the whole body in the bucket a lot of steel welded to the bucket put on a thick layer armor. Xiao Bian do not deny that such an approach will greatly extend the life of the bucket, but you do the work when considering digging machine itself feel it?

    We all know that the excavator manufacturing technology has been a hundred years of history, and manufacturers to excavator buckets with technology has been very mature, engineers designed a bucket each have the perfect application of the should Mechanics. Bucket without excessive wear and a wide range of welding the reinforcing plate, will only undermine the bucket itself should mechanics, making digging resistance increases, sometimes it will accelerate wear cracking fight. Secondly, if the full range of the bucket to protect them, it is bound to increase each bucket dig a bucket weight, weight of the bucket will not only increase the machine's fuel consumption, while the high case load operation also has considerable impact on the life of the machine. So, if worn bucket more serious situation occurs, there should be appropriately targeted to local reinforcement, where wear and tear is more serious on the reinforcement where indeed die on the replacement of the bucket!

    Excavator bucket reinforcement should pay attention to the following points
    First, strengthening the bucket must pay attention to two key issues, one firm, the second is valid. First, find a better technology welder is necessary, if the welding process is not in place, it will greatly affect the quality of the bucket, affecting the life of the bucket, empty rumor, we have pictures and the truth!

    Secondly, do not blindly to bucket wear thick armor, causing increased efficiency to reduce fuel consumption. Experts have done a study: a bucket for each additional 0.5 t weight, cycle time increased by 10% in gross profit decreased by 15%, so in most parts of the need to strengthen welding, rather than welded.

    Excavator bucket reinforcement Experience Sharing
    Under normal circumstances, the bucket edge knife, bottom, sides, tooth root which is worn relatively few big place, so the regular observation that several of wear, if necessary, should be strengthened in this process several .

    Tooth root strengthening: strengthen tooth root mounting plate is necessary, excavator in their daily work, as well to strengthen the tooth root cause severe wear, long-term bucket teeth are not installed go up. For here reinforcement can take two options, one is attached to the ribs, one is a package wearable pieces. It should be noted that the ribs stick approach is simple, economical, but be careful not to produce when welding and stitch welding weld root, it will affect the tooth root weld strength.

    Side panels and side strengthened: severe wear side panels of the bucket will effectively reduce the bucket capacity, affecting productivity. At the same time, also played a beneficial edge knife cut material, the protective effect of the side panels, so the bucket to be installed knife edge. Since the sides are not high wear areas, so do not be too hard to strengthen the side, so as not to affect the overall weight of the bucket.

    Strengthen the floor: the floor area is more serious wear and tear on the floor is very necessary to strengthen the bottom plate of ribs to choose hard, wear long plate as raw material, to protect the overall shape of the bucket, so as not to affect the cut angle, affect productivity. Many customers choose waste chain plate as a reinforcing material, think more praise, to note that the stiffener welding machine to follow the original direction ribs welding, stitch welding the two boards.

    Good operating practices can prolong the life of the bucket

    Take the example we have here digging, digging excavator most important work, there are a lot of skill to drive the excavator shovel, it can directly affect the efficiency of the work. When digging with the stick cylinders mainly to the boom cylinders, giving the angle of the bucket teeth it should be based on the travel path of the arm to adjust. Bucket teeth must be like chopping knife as "plug" into the soil, rather than "shoot" into the ground. When plugged into a certain depth, and then complete the hook bucket, lift arm. It is a perfect digging action.

    In summary, to reinforce the bucket must master the correct way, the best steel in, any welding Never casually reinforcing plate, otherwise it will be too far. About the bucket to strengthen some of the considerations to be introduced here, and I hope we can have some reference value.