Sand bucket type washing machine production line, HKUST wash sand picture, Wheel sand washing machine how to wash sand

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    Bucket sand washing machine with clean and high, reasonable structure, large...

    Bucket sand washing machine with clean and high, reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, small loss of sand (sand washing process), additional sand washing machine transmission parts are water and sand completely isolated, so the failure rate far below the current commonly used sand washing machine equipment. Domestic sand washing industry upgrading the best choice.

    Sand washing machine [sand washing machine] is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, utilities and other industries cleaning, grading, fine-grained and coarse-grained impurities and other business materials, the washing operation. Construction sand, gravel road is still appropriate to use. The sand washing machine reasonable structure, easy maintenance, processing a large number of low power consumption, clean. Novel sealing structure, all enclosed oil bath gear, adjustable overflow weir plate, to ensure the efficiency of the product, durable, clean, good dehydration effect, fine products remain stable and so a variety of industries.

    The sand washing machine is simple structure, the impeller drive bearing unit with water and isolated by the water material, largely avoided the bearing due to flooding, sand and pollutants cause damage to the phenomenon;

    This machine is used compared with traditional spiral sand washing machine has a clear advantage when gravel pits, sand washing as follows:

    (1)Minimal loss of fine sand and stone powder, building sand gradation and fineness modulus of the wash up to the national "building sand", "construction with gravel, crushed stone" standard;

    (2)The aircraft except the screen has almost no wearing parts;

    (3)Long life, long-term without maintenance.

    Sand Washing Machine Features

    1.Sand washing mechanism made simple

    2.Sand washing machine maintenance simple

    3.Sand washing machine to save water

    4.Sand washing machine is durable

    5.Sand Washing Machine pollution.

    Sand washing machine works£ºSand washing machine by driving the motor, speed reducer, drive impeller tank kept in the sink for rotational circumference, which will sink in the sand or slag particulate material was stirred in water, flipping, panning and by water dehydrated material is discharged in the impeller.