Excavator bucket manufacturing process

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Bucket structure    Bucket genus structure products, the tooth base plate, a bot...

Bucket structure
    Bucket genus structure products, the tooth base plate, a bottom plate, side panels, wall panels, lugs board, backplane, fighting ear plate, earmuffs bucket, bucket teeth, tooth Block, guard or bucket angle and other parts composition, so welding the bucket is the most critical production process, welding quality directly affects the bucket structural strength and service life. Bucket manufacturing process

    Bucket manufacturing process includes cutting, turning, milling, drilling, forming, welding, grinding, sandblasting, spraying and other processes.

    Bucket manufacturing equipment required: CNC plasma cutting machine, beveling edge milling machine, bending machine, welding positioner, boring and so on.

Bucket selection
    Excavator dredging bucket capacity to adapt to a larger plane for the required slope like dressing, rivers, ditches and other dredging work, improve work efficiency. With flat bucket features, but larger capacity. Ditch cleaning bucket excavator is suitable for a variety of shapes trench excavation, trench excavation of a shape, generally without finishing, high efficiency. Bucket has a variety of widths and shapes, such as rectangular, trapezoidal, triangular and so on. Rock excavator bucket: the high stress portion in particular to strengthen, easy to wear thicker portions of the material, while increasing the bottom stiffener. Applicable occasions: when soil mixed with hard stones, once solid rock, the wind fossils excavated; flint, after blasting ore and other heavy work load. Digging Doudou body imported high quality low-alloy steel wear plate HARDOX, use low-hydrogen welding consumables, has good ductility, toughness and crack resistance and other characteristics. Keystone excavator bucket adaptation For water, roads, agriculture and pipeline trenching and other operations.

    Bucket on the hook machine belongs to a working device, is a bucket-shaped member in direct contact with the soil, the fuel tank through the high pressure oil as the medium, the link for the secondary and other institutions to drive the bucket excavation work.