How long is the life of the excavator? Excavator bucket or need to be replaced? Bucket sales situation?

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    Question:    How long is the life of the excavator? Its ...


    How long is the life of the excavator? Its bucket general life how much time?

    Excavator bucket or need to be replaced? Or depending on the work environment?

    I plan to manufacture excavators bucket (bucket), production and process aspect is not a problem,the key is selling, what current domestic excavator bucket sales situation?    

    Look up to people to know detailed answer, thank you!


    1£¬Excavators with cars running on the road, like the age, and some can reach 15 years, the average can reach eight years, as the downstairs said that only four years of age, I have not met, it is estimated from EverestHe fell off the bar: D, bucket useful life, with work, the driver, the type of work relationship, generally around the age of not less than three years, a lot of scrap can be used in excavators, bucket still nothing!

    2£¬Excavator bucket few lightly replace the bucket you do, keep the car its configuration must be reasonable and unreasonable, then, to do things will affect the overall performance of the car! Even the environment has changed, bucket change very little.

    3£¬To be honest, your quality, welding level, material, really is a big problem! I've changed the bucket, really is not very good quality, and with a month, Satoko already patched N patches, and finally repair the bucket to the original work, the bucket really is not good to sell, it should not make recommendations taking orders for the job, you can make the excavator bucket teeth, a lot of need, this is the best seller! Do not look at how many million units sold excavator year, really small bucket replacement!