How reinforced bucket£¿Reinforcement just how durable bucket£¿

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    Some time ago a friend asked excavator, the problem for most users, usually ...

    Some time ago a friend asked excavator, the problem for most users, usually excavator does not seem too concerned, but as a reinforcement of knowledge about the basics down is still very necessary. I compiled based on years of experience and practice some information to share to you, now briefly described as follows: domestic excavator user prevailing view is that the bucket (bucket) the bigger the better, the greater the higher the efficiency of the excavator bucket this is obviously a wrong point of view; the other argument is that the more solid the better the bucket, so to put a heavy bucket of "armor", such an approach clearly is unreasonable.

     Excavator bucket reinforcement to note two things: First, valid, the second is firm. If the full range of the bucket to protect them, it is bound to increase in each bucket to dig a bucket weight, heavy machine bucket will not only increase fuel consumption, but also have a considerable impact on the life of the machine, this little bit of loss can not be ignored. Experts have done a study: a bucket for each additional 0.5 t weight, cycle time increased by 10%, the annual Gross margin decreased by 15%, so in most parts of the need to strengthen welding, rather than welded; two welding must be strong If the bucket posted everywhere ribs, cracked welds sudden one day, a small piece of iron fell into the crusher, the loss may be larger.

Reinforced bucket Note:
1. strengthen the protection of the tooth root
    Side panels of severe wear make effective bucket bucket capacity is reduced, affecting productivity. At the same time, also played a beneficial edge knife cut material, the protective effect of the side panels, so the bucket to be installed knife edge. Since the sides are not high wear areas, so do not be too hard to strengthen the side, so as not to affect the overall weight of the bucket.

3. Strengthening the chassis reinforcing plate is very necessary.

    After Wosong mechanical recommend clients buy a new machine to make the new machine chassis stiffeners paint worn away (about a week) then the floor reinforcement, so better welding results. Chassis stiffeners to choose hard, wear long plate as raw material, to protect the overall shape of the bucket, so as not to affect the cut angle, affect productivity. Stiffener welding machine to follow the direction of the original rib welding, stitch welding the two boards.

4. Digging strengthen the inner surface of the bucket
    Strengthen inner surface Wosong mechanical recommend using hardfacing, although the price is high, time-consuming. But wear it with the effectiveness of the strongest, or you can choose stickers section ribs, not too much. To sum up: the strengthening of the bucket to be effective, firmly. The final hardfacing also be used in strengthening elsewhere in the bucket after reinforcement should not like leather plaster as chaotic post, but also not too much to strengthen the protection, in order to protect the bucket and the loss of productivity is not desirable .